Pond magic Wetland System Installation

We offer a wetland system where plants are used for water filtration. These are self contained ecosystems that let nature do the work. These wetland systems can be combined with streams and can work with both large and small water features. They create a unique landscape of shallow water combined with plants and rock.

Wetlands and the Role of Plants.

While adding aesthetic appeal to water gardens, plants serve an even more important role. They help maintain the overall health of the pond by aiding in filtration and water clarity and helping to reduce algae. They’re an integral part of a balanced pond ecosytem and they perform the same functions in natural wetlands.

In constructed wetlands the idea is to let nature do the work and so we mimic the workings of natural wetlands.  Plants are used to purify the water by reducing nutrients, filtering out sediments, breaking down toxic compounds and so it is possible to build a natural system.

It has been found that some species of aquatic plants are more effective than others. The most commonly used plants families are cattails, sedges, grasses and rushes. These are readily available and are hardy and prolific growers and many species within these families also have good ornamental characteristics.

Planting a diversity of species in the pond will ensure balanced filtration. Plants such as cattails have short roots extending only 6-12” whereas the roots of bulrushes can extend up to 36” allowing each to grab nutrients of the substrate.

Rooted aquatic plants also help promote healthy bacteria populations throughout the gravel substrate. The ability of the plant to bring oxygen to the root zone provides an area for both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to interact around the plant roots. The interaction of bacteria allows for an efficient means of reducing  toxic nitrogen in the water.

Certain plants, such as water hyacinth, are more capable than others at reducing large amounts of algae-causing nutrients.

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