Pond Magic - Landscaping

We offer custom residential landscape installations incorporating hardscaping – drainage, grading, patios, pathways, stonework, landscape lighting and softscaping – soil preparation, plants and irrigation systems. Native plant and drought resistant installations too!

Landscape Design Process:

  • Meet with clients to gather their vision and requirements for the outdoor living space
  • Assess site requirements; light, wind, drainage, privacy screening, existing architecture and any other considerations
  • Measure the site and take photos
  • Draft an initial drawing and review with clients
  • Incorporate any client changes into a final drawing
  • Final deliverable is a landscape design drawn to scale that includes the botanical names as well as the plant common names, size recommendations and includes all hardscape features.
  • Material options and cost considerations are part of this process
  • This process may be abbreviated depending on the client’s needs.

Design Objective:

Deliver a landscape design that depicts the client’s vision for the use of their landscape.

Serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose, and San Francisco