Pond Magic Koi Pond

In a dedicated Koi Pond additional technologies are used to increase the removal of solids and wastes from the pond, clarify the water and increase the oxygen content and circulation. The ponds are a little deeper and the technologies include bottom drains, ultra violet sterilizers, aerators and bead filters.

Through the use of the additional technology fish loads in the pond can be higher, the water clarity can be maintained at an optimal level all year round and gradual and measured water exchange introduced.


Bead filter with uv light.


Settling tank.

Fish in Koi Ponds  and Water Gardens

The most common choices have been traditionally goldfish and koi because of their bright colors and easygoing habits. Koi are hardy fish and can withstand a broad range of temperatures. They can generally handle ph levels in the water ranging from 6-11, ph measuring the degree of acid and bases in the water.

The first koi were developed centuries ago from carp and can be divided into single-color, two color, three color and multi-color catergories. The three most popular types are Kohaku – a white fish with a red pattern; Taisho Sanke – a white fish with a red and black pattern; and Showa Sanke – a black fish with a red and white pattern. Koi can grow up to about 3 feet and may live for 50 to 60 years – they are friendly fish and will respond to the walking patterns of the person that feeds them!

Goldfish, a very popular pond fish, have been bred for centuries as hobby fish – they are a good choice for a pond because they are available in many varieties and they tolerate fluctuations in water temperature and are able to survive in a wide range of conditions.

The main predators for fish are racoons and herons. Best protection from racoons is to make the pond at least 2’ deep and no smaller than about 8’ wide. Best protection from herons is a pond net suspended over the pond water.

sFish caves can be built into the pond when it is constructed to help give the fish a place to hide. Motion detector sprinklers and decoy herons can in some instances help also.

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