Aptos Pond & Waterfall Renovation

Renovated pond with waterfall in Aptos, CA. Rebuilt with underwater LED lights and fish caves, next to an existing patio. Existing landscape plants and water plants were reused on this project. Previous feature had been a very heavy concrete structure that had to be removed and then the area cleared and the new pond shaped […]

Santa Cruz Koi Pond With Waterfall

Koi pond in Santa Cruz in frontward, approximate size 11 x 16. Customer had existing pond and fish so fish kept in a holding tank while we built a two waterfall and pond with fish caves. Water plants and water lilies put in the center and a statue was place on the lid of the […]

Morgan Hill, large pond with 110’ stream

Morgan Hill, large pond with 110’ stream, Pond is home to numerous large koi and has extensive plants shelves for additional water plants. Two aerators in the centre as well as a copper probe algae control system – Extensive landscaping will be added around the pond and the stream as well as a large patio […]

Aptos 10’ x 19’ Koi pond with waterfall

Aptos, koi pond. 10’ x 19’ pond with waterfall, in Aptos with aeration and bottom drain. Set in a backyard as an accent to the patio and lush landscape, the pond contains koi and a turtle. The waterfall backs onto the back fence and brings sound into the house with french doors that open onto […]